Our Process

The basis of our service is the following six-step process. Insurance companies may engage IVAA to perform one or some of these services.

1. Jewellery validation (identification & verification)

This step involves identifying the loss or damage. We must obtain an accurate description of the lost or damaged item to determine its current replacement price.

We will ask you to provide all documentation and information at this stage to reduce the risk of ambiguity.

2. Comparative quoting

Once we’ve validated your items, we obtain a large number of quotes from many panel jewellers.

We heavily monitor and audit these jewellers on quality replacement, customer service and supply-time levels to ensure we deal with only the best jewellers.

As part of our commitment to transparency and honesty, we invite you to confirm your preferred jeweller so we can obtain your own jeweller’s quote for consideration.

3. Settlement recommendation

After the claim expires from the quoting period, we issue a recommendation for settlement.

We send this recommendation report to the insurance company for final approval. The report contains item specifics, claim liability and documentation relating to each item.

4. Allocation and fulfilment

Once the insurance company approves our recommendation, we manage the allocation and fulfilment of the claim entirely.

This includes explaining our recommendation to you, addressing your concerns and allocating the job to any jeweller in Australia.

5. Post-replacement independent valuation

In this step, we appoint independent, qualified valuers to conduct post-replacement valuations to ensure quality control.

All these valuations are done by qualified gemmologists with the Gemmological Association of

Australia (GAA), whom are also registered and accredited with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV).

Learn more about the benefits of independent valuations.

6. Recovery and salvage processing

Sometimes an insurance claim presents a salvage opportunity, e.g. scrap gold, a damaged stone or a single earring.

For these situations, IVAA has developed a unique salvage processing system that enables damaged jewellery to be accurately assessed and maximises the recovery of salvaged items.

Due to the wealth of experience in our team and the Australian jewellery industry’s unlimited resources, we can process any type of jewellery claim anywhere in Australia.