About IVAA Jewellery Claim Management

As a leader in jewellery claims, our values lie in giving independent advice to you and your insurer.

Unlike other claim assessors, we specialise only in jewellery claim management. In fact, we have Australia’s only jewellery-specific qualified loss adjuster leading our team.

Because we have unlimited resource and network access to the jewellery industry, we can use jewellers from all around Australia. So, no matter where you are, we can help.

As the single point of contact, IVAA is bridging the ever-growing complexity between the insurance and jewellery industry.

IVAA’s jewellery and insurance professionals are committed to bringing accuracy and transparency to the jewellery insurance industry.

Our main focus is to give you an honest assessment that is free from third-party influence. For example, our assessment fees are a fixed price per item. This means our invoice is not influenced by item specifications, item costs, savings incurred or claim settlement outcome.

Similarly, we do not have any vested interests or joint assets with any jewellery, diamond, gemstone, gold or watch suppliers.

By eliminating all potential conflicts of interest, we can promise you an uncompromised and transparent assessment every time.