Customer Care

Our commitment to you, the claimant

So your insurance company has just appointed IVAA to conduct the validation for your claim or provide advice to resolve a disputed claim.

Rest assured that your claim is in good hands. We know how important your lost or damaged item is to you, so we’ll work hard with your insurance company to get you an accurate current replacement value.

Below is a list of some things we promise as our commitment to you. For more information about the claim process, take a look at our services page.

Additionally, you can contact us at any time about your claim. We’re here to help.

What we promise


We don’t have affiliations or vested interests with any particular jeweller. IVAA has no joint shareholders, managers or directors who are associated with any jeweller. We also have no membership fees or kickbacks from any jewellers.

Fixed pricing

Our pricing structure ensures that our assessment has no conflict of interest. Our fixed pricing means the invoice amount is not influenced by item specification, item cost, savings incurred or claim settlement outcome.

High-quality and efficient service

We adhere to strict service level agreements in order to uphold and maintain efficient claim processing.

Accurate and fair replacement

We ensure that your jewellery is being replaced like-for- like, subject to policy guidelines, and, thanks to our comparative quoting model, is not being under- or over-quoted.

Independent validation

No conflict of interest means we don’t financially benefit from the claim result.

Our independence safeguards you. We have no financial motive to mislead or recommend an inferior quality replacement.

Our independence provides quality assurance for your insurer. We have no financial motive to mislead or recommend an upgrade if the exact item is still available.

To do a validation, we contact you to compile all the item specifics that a jeweller needs to accurately establish the item’s current replacement cost. We use all this information to produce an accurate validation description.

If you need help describing your jewellery, request a jewellery workbook, which includes jewellery examples and terminology to help provide a correct assessment.

Fair quotation process

We have a panel of jewellers from whom we obtain quotations and all adhere to our strict assessment criteria. We seek a fair and accurate quotation on jewellery from suppliers in the industry.

We also encourage claimants to confirm their preferred jeweller details so we can source a quote from them for consideration.

Australia-wide service

It doesn’t matter where you are — rural or metropolitan — we can help you find quality jewellers to quote on and fulfil your claim.